Oud papier stromen
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N.B.: All the figures are rounded, some are estimates.
1 The non-paper usages include products such as absorbent and hygienic personal products made of fluff pulp.
2 The difference between recovered paper collection and recovered paper utilisation can be explained by trade,
stock variations and some volumes destined to other material recycling options.
3 Is calculated as paper & board domestic deliveries - imports.
4 The trade of converted products and as well as the trade of packaging surrounding traded goods (including manuals) has been estimated to be in balance.
5 To the amount of non-collectable paper & board have to be added the paper & board that are non-recyclable
and which go to landfills and other recovery options. In total, this represents around 19% of the total paper & board volume put on the markets.
6 The volumes of paper & board going to landfills / final disposal and to other recovery options have been estimated with a consultant.
7 Returns unsold and recovered paper volumes from converters and printers should be taken into account when considering the "trade & industry" channel globally.
8 Around 75% of these volumes go to the construction and building sector according to a recent study. The remaining 25% go to other industries and activities such as
the packaging industry and farming.